The public safety of Broward County residents is important to me. When elected, I will work with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to combat crime. I will support our Sheriff’s Office by ensuring that they have the funding and resources they need to carry out their duties. A well-funded Sheriff’s Office is crucial to ensuring that we keep our residents and visitors safe. We must be proactive and prevent crime. That’s why I will support diversion programs for juveniles and non-violent offenders. We must work with all stakeholders, including the Sheriff’s Office, State Attorney, Public Defender, School System, and local governments to achieve and maximize crime prevention efforts.

Our jails must be reformed to ensure civil rights and the efficiency of our criminal justice system. Additionally, we have a Mental Health System that is underfunded. I’ll introduce legislation to fund Mental Health services. I will to support our 911-Dispatchers by ensuring they have the tools they need to do their jobs.