Meet Krystal Patterson, a distinguished and visionary leader seeking to represent you as the next Tamarac District 3 City Commissioner. With an unwavering commitment to community empowerment and societal progress, Krystal embodies the values of compassion, cultural awareness, and excellence instilled in her by her multicultural upbringing.

As the daughter of a retired Air Force Colonel, devoted mother of three and supportive wife to her husband, a Navy veteran and law enforcement officer, Krystal values family, unity, and service above all. For over a decade, Tamarac has been more than just a home to Krystal – it’s been a canvas for her personal and professional growth. From navigating the challenges of being a single mother (now proud mother of a UCF graduate) to ascending the ranks of public service, Krystal’s journey is a testament to her grit and determination.

With a strong background in municipal administration, Krystal has demonstrated her qualifications through various leadership roles. Krystal service extends through state and local government. As former Director of Code Compliance, Parking Enforcement, and Sanitation Krystal has redefined standards of excellence and committed to leadership with integrity and fairness. She has served on the Municipal Administration Committee with the Florida League of Cities, Sergeant at Arms for the Florida Association of Code Enforcement, 1st Vice President of the Southern Florida Association of Code Enforcement and “Big Sister” with the Big Brother Big Sister organization. Currently, she serves as Vice Chair of the Privatization Committee for the city of Tamarac, active member of the Tamarac North Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce, student of Tamarac University 2024 cohort, and current Chair of the Professional Development Committee with the National Forum for Black Public Administrators. Krystal’s proactive leadership is evident and further highlights her expertise and engagement.

Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology from Florida Atlantic University and a Master’s in Public Administration from Florida International University, and various certificates to include Government Leadership from Barry University. Krystal remains passionate about education and self-improvement particularly related to public and organizational leadership.

Recognized as one of Legacy Magazine Miami’s Most Powerful and Influential Leaders in 2023, her achievements speak volumes about her dedication and impact. As a small business owner in Tamarac, Krystal is founder and President of H.E.R.S. (Helping Executives Reach Solutions) Consulting, a firm whose central focus is to partner with municipal organizations to bring efficiency and efficacy to processes, policy and procedures. Her partnership with the West Perrine Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) where she serves as Executive Director further exemplifies her dedication to fostering positive change within communities. Through her role with the West Perrine CRA, Krystal continues to spearhead initiatives aimed at revitalizing neighborhoods and empowering residents. Her hands-on approach and collaborative spirit have earned her respect and admiration, both locally and beyond. As your City Commissioner, Krystal will continue to leverage her expertise and passion to drive progress and ensure a brighter future for all residents of Tamarac.

Beyond her professional commitments, Krystal is a dedicated advocate for community wellness and empowerment, actively involved in various philanthropic endeavors. As an engaged member of her church community, she fosters a culture of compassion and support. Krystal’s passion for uplifting others extends to her role as a devoted wife and mother, where she leads by example, instilling values of resilience and determination in her family. You’ll often find her cheering on her son’s soccer team at the Tamarac Sports Complex on Saturday mornings, embodying the spirit of teamwork and camaraderie. Additionally, Krystal prioritizes her own well-being, demonstrating her commitment to personal health and vitality through regular visits to the gym, setting a positive example for those around her.

Join Krystal Patterson in her mission to bring a ‘Krystal’ clear vision to Tamarac, champion progress, and uphold a standard of excellence as your next City Commissioner.